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How To Lose Weight When Nothing Else Is Working


Hiring me as your coach is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.  I struggled with self-judgments surrounding my weight and body for most of my life.  I told myself I couldn't live the life I wanted until I lost weight and became more outgoing. I’ve felt the feelings of shame, not being good enough, and frustration because no matter what I did, nothing seemed to change. I never felt like I was enough just as I was.

Then one day, a while ago, something clicked. All this time I had been focusing on the wrong things. I was focused on losing weight but I really longed to accept myself.  My lack of self love and acceptance was perpetuating this war with food and weight.  The saying "change your mind, change your health" rang very true for me. Once I was able to understand my emotions and limiting beliefs, I saw how connected everything was. I finally said "yes" to myself!  I went from feeling stuck and confused to becoming unstoppable and proud of everything I am. 

As a coach, I believe my mission is to help people who are allowing their self-judgment to stand in the way of their dreams!    When we believe in ourselves and stand in our truths, we are unstoppable. It's time we start allowing ourselves to live the lives we keep talking ourselves out of! 

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People who have said yes!

Robyn is awesome and will take all of your concerns/questions/ideas/goals into account while working WITH you to come up with the best plan for YOU. She is committed to her work and genuinely wants you to feel like your best self, and will help you get there!-Jill Steigerwald

Robyn is such an incredible life force! She inspired me to look at my habits and take on challenges, both physical and mental, while supporting me all the way. Robyn is passionate about working to build and understand what it means to be a healthy human. She is constantly learning about different foods, workouts, and how our minds work, so that she can share this with the people she works with. My commitment to the goals I have set for myself is always rejuvenated after speaking with her!-Jennifer Pytleski

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How To Lose Weight When Nothing Else Is Working

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How To Lose Weight When Nothing Else Is Working
How you feel affects your performance.
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